Vladimir Putin's views on Joe Biden have changed dramatically

Vladimir Putin’s views on Joe Biden have changed dramatically

“The picture that our press, and even the American press, paints about President Biden has nothing to do with reality,” Putin said.

The Russian president holds a professional name for his US office partner, who said they understood each other on key issues at Wednesday’s summit in Geneva in an “atmosphere of goodwill” and found points where cooperation is a priority for both sides.

We have to work with her very carefully so that we don’t miss a thing. You won’t miss anything, I can assure you
The president said to his audience.

He stressed, “Biden looks refreshed. We talked to him for two and a half hours and he’s totally in the material. He’s looking at his notes from time to time, but we all do.”

He drew attention to the fact that before the Geneva summit, the US president was traveling in Europe for a week in a different time zone. Regarding that Biden sometimes confuses things, his spokesperson, Jen Psaki, said he does so often.

He believed that this was not because Psaki didn’t have the right qualifications or a bad memory, but because “when someone thinks something is secondary, they don’t focus their attention on it.”

“The Americans think they have nothing more important than themselves. This is their style,” the Russian president said.

I repeat again: he (Biden) has met and he knows what he wants to achieve. And he does it with great skill. feel immediately

he added.

He expressed the hope that he would “let the US president work quietly,” unlike his predecessor.

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Putin expressed his readiness for further cooperation with the United States, to the extent that the American side is ready to do so. He stressed that, for his part, he would protect Russian interests.

Cover photo: Mikhail Svetlov / Getty Images

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