Vladimir Putin revealed his cards, these are his demands

Vladimir Putin revealed his cards, these are his demands

Developments in recent days have already shown that Turkey is trying to position itself as a mediator. Now it appears that progress has been made. The BBC List of demands of Vladimir Putin detailed in his talks with the Turkish President, File.

A British Public Service reporter interviewed Ibrahim Kalin, Erdogan’s chief adviser and spokesman, within half an hour after the phone call ended. Calin was a member of a small group of officials who took part in the call and revealed new details about the trial.

According to them, Russian receivables are divided into two categories. According to the Turkish specialist, the first four conditions are “not too difficult for Ukraine”:

  • Among these, what Ukraine has already agreed to stress is that it must be neutral and cannot apply for NATO membership. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has already done it previously approved.
  • In addition, Russia expects Ukraine to go through the process of disarmament.
  • It also expects the protection of the Russian language in Ukraine.
  • Additionally, Nazi purges remain among the allegations.

The second set of claims could be hard to meet, according to the Turkish broker. In this regard, it was also found that

Vladimir Putin wants to personally consult Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on these contentious issues,

before reaching a final agreement on these issues. The BBC reports here that the Ukrainian head of state has previously stated that he is ready to negotiate personally with Vladimir Putin.

Compared to the situation two weeks ago, a significant change occurred in the attitude of the Russian side to the face-to-face meeting. Earlier, Putin firmly stated that he would not negotiate with Zelensky because he did not denounce Ukraine. The Russian President said this after March 3, Zelensky said that Message: meet, do not “bite”.

Controversial issues include the status of Donbass in eastern Ukraine and parts of eastern Ukraine that have already declared independence, including the status of Crimea.

The BBC reported that although Ibrahim Kalin did not go into details, Russia is supposed to demand that the Ukrainian government give up the lands of eastern Ukraine previously occupied by the Russians. Another assumption is that Putin’s demands will include the Ukrainians accepting the annexation of Crimea, and that it will now belong to Russia.

The Russian demands coincide in a phone call between Putin and Erdogan with A Leaked Wednesday afternoonwith the essential elements of a 15-point peace plan.

The BBC appreciates that there are concerns about conditions for Ukraine, as there are demands on the Russians’ list that, unless spelled out in detail, will not guarantee that the Russians will not reoccupy the country. Concluding a peace agreement may take some time, but it is hoped that a possible ceasefire will prevent further bloodshed.

Opening photo: Sergei Savostyanov

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