Vladimir Putin has not heard any victory report

Vladimir Putin has not heard any victory report

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Soigo, General of the Army Putin, reported on the complete “liberation” of the Azov steel plant and the city of Mariupol, and a group of 531 people also surrendered.

The so-called commander of the “Azov nations” was removed from the factory in a special armored vehicle due to the hatred of the inhabitants of Mariupol and the desire of the townspeople to deal with it because of its many atrocities.

The general said. Konasenkov said that the factory’s underground facilities, where the militants were hiding, are now under the complete control of the Russian armed forces. In sum, since May 16, 2,439 soldiers from Azov and the Ukrainian Armed Forces have laid down their weapons at the Azov table.

Sogo Putin on April 21 reported the “liberation” of the Azov sea port city, adding that it would take another three to four days to start operating the steel plant. Then the Russian president, for “humanitarian reasons”, ordered the closure of the steel plant instead of a blockade. The 11 square kilometer facility in Azovstall contains a seven-storey underground tunnel system.


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