Viktória Mohácsi was granted political asylum in Canada

Viktória Mohácsi was granted political asylum in Canada

After seven years of procedures, he obtained political asylum from the Canadian authorities Victoria Mohagse Roma politician, former member of the European Parliament – learn Roment.

The defense politician, who was Ministerial Commissioner for the Inclusion of Roma and Disadvantaged Children under the Medgesy government during the Medgesy government, left Hungary in December 2011 and went to Toronto, Canada to seek political asylum.

A year later, CBC made its first appearance on Canadian public service television, claiming that he sought asylum in Canada because he had received life threatening threats in Hungary after criticizing the slow progress in revelations of the Roma murders in 2008 and 2009, such as

Some say they may link some government officials to the killers.

The Canadian authorities rejected Mohaj’s application for asylum in December 2016, but he submitted a request for review against the decision and re-examined the reasons and the attached documents, then the authorities decided that the reasons were justified.

Featured image: MTI / János Vajda

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