Viktor Urban has lost another ally

Preliminary election results showed he would have enough Labor representatives, Anthony Albanese, after the May 21 election to form the Australian government. According to’s account, so

Scott Morrison and his conservative government lost power in the South after 4 years. His party has been leading Australia for nine years now.

In the 151-member House of Representatives in Canberra, the winning Labor Party did not obtain an absolute majority, but it did have a sufficient number of winning MPs to form a government. According to a preliminary estimate by Australian public media, ABC, they could have a total of 72 representatives. Despite its name, the conservative Liberal Party won only 52 seats. Albanians will need 4 more members to have an absolute parliamentary majority.

And Scott Morrison, who is also a close ally of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has conceded his defeat. The Australian government’s current policy on climate change, which has not dealt with much so far, could change as Labor just launched a campaign for the promise of tougher climate policy this year. Morrison’s traditional conservative camp has also faltered because his government has implemented very strict COVID-19 lockdowns in many major cities since 2020, leading to mass protests.

(Shown image: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison admits his family’s defeat in the 2022 Australian elections at a press conference. Photo: Saeed Khan, AFP)

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