Viktor Orban: The condition for restarting the economy is a vaccine

Viktor Orban: The condition for restarting the economy is a vaccine

In his opening speech to the parliamentary session, the prime minister said that up to two million people could be vaccinated by early April.

According to the prime minister, the condition for relaunching the economy is a vaccine, so he considers that getting the largest possible number of vaccines as quickly as possible is the most important task of the government:

Under the agreement with the Russians, a Sputnik V vaccine, capable of vaccinating one million people, will arrive in the country within the next three months. With China’s Sinopharm, the government has approved a vaccine to vaccinate 2.5 million people.

“We have a realistic chance that by the beginning of April, the number of people vaccinated could exceed two million, which means that every registered citizen over the age of 60 – that is, our citizens at risk – can get the vaccine.”

Victor Urban

Hungarian Prime Minister

In Hungary, the virus curve has not decreased since the past week and a half, and more than five thousand new infections were recorded over the weekend. By Monday, 1,337 new confirmed cases were reported, 46 of whom had died from complications from the Coronavirus.

Viktor Orban said that due to the spread of viral mutations, health experts are expecting another upward trend, so it is imperative to extend the mandate granted by Parliament and to strictly and consistently adhere to the current rules.

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