Viktor Orban ordered an increase in the level of preparedness in hospitals

Viktor Orban ordered an increase in the level of preparedness in hospitals

He explained that in every hospital there are also soldiers in command and reactivate the health care order.

The Prime Minister stressed, once again, the need to restore the old state of preparedness to what it was in April and November.

Viktor Urban said 17 million vaccines are binding, but a large portion of them have not arrived.

If Russian and Chinese vaccinations were not here, we would have a big problem

he added. Viktor Urban said he could be vaccinated next week.

The left is anti-vaccination, constantly generating false news and raising suspicion. Only vaccination can save

The politician confirmed.

Viktor Orban said that on the one hand, due to the presence of a vaccine, it is possible to think about the opening, and at the same time we have temporarily entered the ascent stage. Restrictions must be maintained in a very disciplined manner. The prime minister said there were suggestions that austerity might exist.

The borders definitely need to be tightened, so very strict travel rules are needed. Business trips outside Europe should be drastically reduced

he added.

On the EU summit, he said that many were concerned about the paralysis of the economy. He added that testing the trucks was a problem. The problem is so big with the union that it is not the time to hold each other accountable.

In addition to restricting passenger movement, free movement of goods and capital must be preserved.

Viktor Orban said the committee negotiated well, but wasted time because they wanted to make the vaccines cheaper. The committee should do its work, but the federation should not stand on its own two feet.

We have the means to pay the money we previously provided. These benefits will be kept for one month after reopening

The prime minister said.

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Viktor Orban said that compared to a year ago, they are now doing 55,000 fewer. This should reach zero or higher in the coming months. The finer details will be described later.

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