Viking Valheim surpassed Steam's second most popular game

Viking Valheim surpassed Steam’s second most popular game

It was released on February 2 steamen An early version of the Valheim Survivors game. It’s a success similar to what it did among us last year: A handful of developers worked (five in this case), and although it wasn’t really announced, it was a huge hit, mainly thanks to the broadcast creators. Over the past three weeks, we have achieved increasingly serious results with the turnover of Valheim. PC Gamer Now I report another teacher.

According to the newspaper, Valheim recently outdid Dota 2 over Steam, meaning more people have played with it at the same time than Valve’s MOBA. Which means there was a time when it was the second most user-launched game on the platform. This was achieved with 502,000 players, correct, since that number has dropped to 176,000 (which is still much enough for fourth place), but given the volatility of the traffic anyway, it could easily go up to over half a million. # 1 is still Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which outperformed over a million users, so Valheim is further afield.

A few days ago, Valheim was reported to have already sold 3 million copies. It will be interesting to see how long the game’s momentum lasts, because it is only because of videographers that interest in the title temporarily grows. But if you get enough content for the game, it could be popular in the long run. Anyway, developer Iron Gate clearly sees the game as a success, as they’ve already told PC Gamer with sales of up to 2 million that they hadn’t expected such popularity before.

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Valheim has already been contacted by one of our colleagues, who has written an article with lots of advice The tenth To survive in the world of Vikings.

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