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Viki Szorcsik’s journey was a nightmare: “I have never run like this in my life…”

Viki Szorcsik’s journey was a nightmare: “I have never run like this in my life…”

Viki Szorcsik is a passionate traveler who loves discovering new landscapes, other cultures and beautiful natural treasures. The host of new reality show Super TV2 feels lucky to have traveled extensively as a model to be photographed in exotic locations.

World traveler Vicki Szorcsik in the Grand Canyon Photo: Own/Viki Szorcsik
Soursic Vicky
Viki loves to travel. Photo: Own/Szorcsik Viki

Thirty meters down, Vicky Szczorczyk ran out of oxygen

It’s hard to list how many countries the popular actress has visited so far, but Mexico is certainly at the top of her heart. When he first arrived in the Caribbean paradise, he felt like he had returned home, and that hasn’t changed since.

Soursic Vicky
Mexico is the edge of the heart. Photo: Own/Viki Szorcsik

“I never understood people who don’t like to travel and discover new things.” – began in our paper Viktoria Szorczyk.

Traveling is my life, and I love the heat, so my favorites are obviously the Caribbean countries, where not only the weather, but also the sea with amazing colors and treasures of nature enchant me again and again. But I also love the Mediterranean world, I have been to Spain and Italy many times, Rome and Barcelona cannot be missed, but I could mention more. I have been to almost many places in Europe, but not everywhere yet, and my greatest desire is to discover Russia, for example. When it came to another continent, the farthest destination was Australia. It turned out to be a wonderful trip. But I also loved America, we traveled thousands of kilometers by car, and Las Vegas really stole my heart, I could even live there! It was also a big adventure when I lived in Thailand for half a year. I’m really lucky, because when I was the face of a clothing brand, photos of their billboards – which could then be seen at home – were always taken of me in an exotic location!

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Soursic Vicky
One time while diving, he ran out of oxygen. Photo: Own/Viki Szorcsik

His plane got caught in a huge storm

Vicki laughed and told me that something always happens to her. Not only at home, but also when you travel abroad. As he lists the countries he has already included on his wish list, a difficult situation almost everywhere comes to mind.

“Maybe the most interesting thing was when we went to a volcano in Costa Rica, they said we had to get there on time because the monsoon was coming… Of course, we didn’t have umbrellas or jackets, but I thought what could be wrong with us . Of course we went up, the view was beautiful, then the monsoon came out of nowhere, everything got dark, the rain poured down, and Gabeka and I started to descend rapidly at high speed, and then suddenly we heard a terrifying roar, such a real sound of bones rattling, the sound of a jaguar. I will never forget that moment, when we said simultaneously: Run away! I had never run like that in my life, I was running for my life, I was terrified! “I’ve been on a lot of adventures like this: we dived to a wreck 30 meters deep in the Red Sea and ran out of air, or when I was kayaking alone in Mexico and the hole boat sank in Lake Bacalari, which also has crocodiles in it.” Vicky narrated his adventures.

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