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Vignjevics was frustrated with Újpest’s individual play: ‘We didn’t fight as a team’

Vignjevics was frustrated with Újpest’s individual play: ‘We didn’t fight as a team’

The goals fell early in the Újpest-Mezőkövesd match organized in the third round of the OTP Bank League: the scoreboard showed 0-0 in the 87th minute, and 1-1 in the 92nd minute. The home team considered the draw a defeat and the guests a victory and explained why after the match.

What annoyed you most about the match? M4 Sport reporter Henrietta Czinger-Koczka asked Nepoja Vignevics after the match.

“my team” – Újpest head coach began his answer.

Coach ratings after the match between Újpest and Mezőkövesd

“We wasted 45 minutes. Although we talked about what to expect from the opponent, my players were very individual, did not fight as a team, and I did not see from them what we discussed before the match. In the second half we played better football, but with few ideas, “Especially near the opponent’s penalty area. In the end we fought to score a goal, but one mistake was fatal.”

“I told my players, we have to learn to win games like this, we have to play football patiently, and even if we don’t play well, we always have to stay disciplined.”

Attila Couture He stressed that after two defeats it was very important for them to get the first point.

“Football has now given back something of what we worked for. We are happy with the one point.” – said the head coach of Mezőkövesd, adding that this one point was worth the win for them and psychologically it was very important not to be beaten by a goal scored in the 88th minute, because it could have demoralized the players.

Simon Krzystan: This tie ends in defeat

Újpest goal scorer Christian Simon He said that this draw would be a loss for them, and he also said that they were not smart enough and did not play as well as they did in the first two rounds, but the fact that Covisd narrowed down the regions played a role in that.

He signed from Vasas this week and made his debut as a starter for Mezőkövesd against Újpest, scoring an invalid goal even when the score was 0-0. Joseph Salai They highlighted that they survived a very difficult match, but they believed in scoring points along the way and they succeeded in doing so against a very strong Ogbest.

the summary of the match

Újpest FC – Mezőkövesd 1–1

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