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Viewers don’t realize what the contestant is going through

Viewers don’t realize what the contestant is going through
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Lando Norris spoke on a morning show about the difficulties he faced in his first year in Formula One.

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British Knight – from almost acquired His first victory in the racing circus – he said that the smiling and cheerful image he was allowed to show does not always reflect reality. A shadow of uncertainty crept into his thoughts, so he hurt a lot to see if he was good enough for F1.

Norris talked about it on ITV’s This Morning that reality and what viewers see often don’t match up. Behind the curtain, there is doubt, the trace of lack of self-confidence, and what will happen when there is no place for them.

“I think if people just followed this on TV, they wouldn’t notice much. They don’t realize what the opponent is going through. It’s a bit of a shame, but now there are so many shows where you can take a look behind the scenes and see how much pressure and pressure you have to face. .especially at my age—which was then 19—I got a lot of attention. So if you have to deal with things like that, it wears out.” Quotes the words of the 21-year-old pilot

The McLaren rider admitted that it was difficult to deal with disguised performance limitations:

“I didn’t know how to go on. If something went wrong and I didn’t come out to the next stage to perform, what would happen? What would the end of all this be? Will I be in Formula 1 next year? But what if it doesn’t? What I will do is I’m not good at many things. This was going through my head, I got depressed a few times, especially when the weekend had baked badly. I thought I wasn’t good enough etc. When they start adding words, even social media puts a shovel on it, well, can That would be really painful.”

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Norris said the barn in Woking helped him a lot in overcoming his fears, and even his collaboration with a mental health organization called Mind gave him strength.

“Our partner Mind has helped me as much as so many other people on the McLaren team as well as around the world. Because I’ve talked to McLaren, around me, friends, and mind, I’m better now. I’m much happier and I enjoy what I do.”

After the last two races, expectations for the British rider have soared, but McLaren and Norris are trying to beat them. They realize that they cannot yet reach the level of Mercedes and Red Bull.

“Obviously the expectations for us increased because of Monza and also because I got first place in Sochi and almost won the race. A lot of people expect great things from us. However, we need to limit these things to a bit because we are still not as fast as we are. Mercedes and Red Bull. We still have a lot of work to do, but every race has another chance.”

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