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Viewers are loving Jennifer Lopez's new movie on Netflix, but Atlas is a disaster

Viewers are loving Jennifer Lopez's new movie on Netflix, but Atlas is a disaster

The true value of blockbusters starring Jennifer Lopez is indeed up for debate, but if we start from the fact that Lopez plays a technological genius in her latest film trying to fight artificial intelligence, then the circumstance is a failure.

2024 may have been the worst year yet for Netflix-sponsored film production, thanks to forgotten works like “The Princess and the Dragon” Or the “Rebel Moon 2 – The Punisher”but Jennifer Lopez Newly released “atlas” Because of his film, the streaming service provider may have its worst season ever.


He made it with an awesome cast “atlas” The film revolves around the story of a government analyst who travels to a distant world and tries to defeat a robot. Netflix apostrophe it Jennifer Lopez letter as “A brilliant data analyst but a misanthropist and deeply distrustful of AI.”

as if For Jennifer Lopez They would have thrown in his personality traits, wouldn't they?!


Atlas Shepard, a brilliant but misanthropic data analyst who deeply distrusts artificial intelligence, joins a mission to track down a rebellious robot with whom they share a mysterious past. When plans go wrong, the protagonist's only hope to save humanity is to trust in artificial intelligence. – This is how Netflix differentiates work.

But to save you from wasting energy and time on this movie, here's a little analysis. He shouts about the film that it was made on a shoestring budget. Stories are shallow. The scenario itself is quite questionable and only makes sense because Lopez He plays the main role, because he probably got paid for it, and his name is a guarantee that many people will see the work.

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the “atlas” It is also the leader of the list of best Netflix in Hungary.

Whatever the film's raison d'être, with a 17% critical rating and a very modest 54% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an average of 10/5.7 on IMDb, it's worth considering is it worth watching? “atlas”R.

However, if you still want a good movie about AI, you should watch Netflix instead “I'am Illiterate” The film's events revolve around a robot masquerading as a mother (voiced by Rose Byrne) who is raising a teenager. After a mysterious event that supposedly wipes out all human life on Earth, the “mother” and her daughter find themselves in an isolated underground bunker. Hilary Swank He plays a man who eventually finds his way into the bunker, questioning the validity of the teenager's entire world.


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