Kiakasztja a nézőket a Netflix poéngyilkos képkivágása bevezetőkép

Viewers are drawn to the Joker’s killer picture crop on Netflix

Now it was Seinfeld who fell victim to the modern format.

Netflix had been expecting Good Friends and The Office to move to other providers, so it struck a $500 million deal in 2019 for Seinfeld, which ran from 1989 to 1998 on its own platform, and also leased space for sitcoms. Hall of Fame.

The multiple Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning series became available a few days ago, so even Hungarian fans can enjoy it with local captions. However, some hardcore fans aren’t happy, as the 16:9 format used by Netflix literally cuts some jokes out of the series.

The most amazing example of this is Episode 8 of The Pothole Season 8, in which one scene you have to laugh at a road bug is still perfectly visible with the original 4:3 aspect ratio, but lags behind the widescreen cutout and only appears in an excerpt else. for a short moment. Of course, the unfortunate circumstance usually interrupts the dynamics of the scene, from which the joke also suffers.

Jerry, there must be a hole here!

In the case of Seinfeld, which was moved to 16:9, history repeats itself, as previously played by Disney+ with The Simpsons, as the scandal ensued that the Mickey Mouse platformer eventually regressed and by the original 4:3 interruption. It also made the series viewable.

Whether or not Netflix will eventually get a better show is a mystery at the moment, but even with a hole cut, it might be worth giving Seinfeld a chance, because it’s already one of the most popular sitcoms. By the way, the RTL club tried it here in 2003, but at the height of the Monica show, the Hungarian audience somehow did not receive it.

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