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Video: Ukrainian Leopard 2 tanks launched the attack, but apparently the operation ended badly

Video: Ukrainian Leopard 2 tanks launched the attack, but apparently the operation ended badly

In recent days, Ukrainian forces have attempted attacks on Russian positions at several points on the front line, and videos of them are slowly leaking out.

Now another recording has been released, this time a visual one About the Ukrainian mechanized infantry unit equipped with Leopard 2A4 tanks and M113 armored personnel carriers, while trying to penetrate the Oryhiv district of the Zaporizhia Oblast.

The footage was taken by a Russian drone, and one of the photos shows Leopard 2A4 tanks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

source: ZA_Front Telegram

According to the Russians, the Ukrainian motorized infantry unit arranged the combat vehicles in a straight column and attempted to break through the front line, while the Russian artillery kept them under constant fire. Posted by the Russians on the sequence of images A whole host of destroyed fighting vehicles can be seen, including perhaps even a downed M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle.

For now, it’s worth treating the shots of the released vehicles with reservations. It became clear that Russia actively faking battlefield footage to exaggerate Ukrainian losses; There was also an example of Photoshopping their fired tank to look like a Ukrainian Leopard 2A4.

At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that some of the recordings are completely original, for example, the photo of the front of the marching column looks authentic.

If it is established that the Ukrainian combat vehicles really tried to advance in line and really suffered huge losses, then it can be said: The Ukrainian military leadership made the same mistakes the Russians made a few months ago in Vohlidar.

Combat vehicles were dispatched simultaneously against enemy positions by the Ukrainian commanders, on the line of the designated public road, in order to avoid mines laid next to the road. At the same time because of this Combat vehicles on the road could easily be fired upon by the Russian artillery, and overtaking the first few vehicles fired made the column slower and more vulnerable.

Neither the Russians nor the Ukrainians have released footage of how the attack ended. Russian sources stated that the armored formation was completely destroyed, and Ukrainian sources say that the operation is still ongoing.

On a side note, it should also be noted that the shot shows APCs and infantry fighting vehicles, but there is still no evidence of a Leopard 2 being destroyed.

So far, the long-planned campaign of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not seem to be going smoothly at all. Several recordings have surfaced in recent days that clearly show this Ukrainian mechanized infantry units equipped with NATO equipment suffered heavy losses – partly due to the extensive Russian minefields and partly to enemy artillery fire.

Although it seems very likely that the Russians were now more prepared for the long-announced offensive than in the fall, It’s too early to bury the Ukrainian “spring campaign”.

Remember: the autumn offensive on Kherson also started with heavy losses for Ukraine, then the Russian forces finally withdrew in November and the city was recaptured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It is also possible that now Ukrainians will be able to translate, because they really do They got a lot of heavy weaponsHowever, it is likely that the campaign will not be easy.

Clearly, the Russians’ goal is to defeat the Ukrainian counteroffensive and launch an all-out offensive that would allow them to occupy the parts of Donetsk, Zaporizhia, and Kherson provinces that remain in Ukrainian hands.

Cover photo: Serhii Mykhalchuk/Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images

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