Video: The Russians found a sneaky way to outsmart Ukrainian drones

The video shows two Russian soldiers, one of them Heat insulating blanket Use, while a drone with a thermal camera watches them.

The principle of operation of the device, which is especially common in the West, is very simple: the blanket retains the body heat given off by the soldiers underneath, making the user almost invisible to thermal cameras.

Of course, like all camouflage equipment, insulated blankets also have their drawbacks: The drone with a high-resolution camera can detect the temperature difference between the blanket and the environment, as well as the movement under the blanket. In addition, as the weather improves, using the blanket will become more and more uncomfortable:

In the summer heat, these devices retain heat so well that after a few minutes it will be unbearably hot under the blanket.

Ukraine’s civilian drones have long made life miserable for Russian forces: the cheapVery small drones It’s hard to spotthus shooting them down. Drones also play a major role in coordinating the artillery and direct attack of the Russian forces.

The cover image is an illustration of a Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 combat aircraft. Source: Getty Images

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