Video: The legendary Iron Dome in action

In the thermal camera recording posted by the Israeli army and also transmitted to Twitter, it can be seen that the two missile launcher containers in the Iron Dome are working to intercept incoming Palestinian projectiles, with great success.

Vaskupola is developed locally one of the most efficient air defense systems in the world, It can destroy a number of targets, from simple mine bombs to larger missiles, and can also move very quickly.

Unlike other air defense systems, Vaskupola has several features: the computer of the fire control system determines the expected impact location based on the trajectory of the projectile reaching the range and Do not fire an anti-aircraft missile unless the projectile is likely to explode in a populated area.

Another interesting feature of Iron Dome is this Missile launch containers – unlike their Russian or American counterparts – They are dispersed and work independentlyAccording to Israeli estimates one with battery Its area is about 150 square kilometers Air defense can be guaranteed.

Cover image is illustration, source: Getty Images

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