Video, how Mbappe loses to Ramos in rock-paper-scissors

The stakes were high and it was all written on the face of Sergio Ramos, who was delighted to beat his teammate.

Every team has groups, and this is practically inevitable, sometimes only because of language differences. Of course, it’s even more ideal when a team pulls in the same direction.

out of turn

A Chinese fighter collided with a US Navy plane

This is possible even if not everyone likes each other and forms a clique. There are also people at PSG who have become very good friends over the years, but the truth is that you can find loud and quiet characters in the dressing room.

All this is not always about who performs and how. Ramos has managed to adapt quickly in Paris despite the fact that he has been injured for almost all of the past year and has not been able to help his team on the pitch.

The situation is different now, although there are rumors that he may be on the verge of leaving, and Ronaldo would really like to see him move to Saudi Arabia. Let’s wait for the end, but one thing is for sure, Ramos and Mbappe are very good, even though they are two different generations.

Last time they measured each other’s skills in rock-paper-scissors, the stakes weren’t small. That’s what decided who gets to sit next to the plane window, and it’s what the former Real Madrid captain finally got for himself.

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