Video: From Tractor to Formula 1 – Ricciardo is back at Red Bull with a crazy trip to Australia

Daniel Ricciardo is back in F1 Red Bull with a crazy adventure in Australia.

This year, the third F1 race will see Daniel Ricciardo’s first sharp spread, and it’s very different from the usual. The Australian, who has been separated from McLaren, will visit the circuit at the Australian Grand Prix weekend for the first time since stepping off the field – and is now the number three driver for Red Bull.

The eight-time race winner has not only been used in the simulator by Red Bull in 2023, but has also made it one of their marketing weapons. With that in mind, the following video was shot, in which Ricciardo tests Champion Sebastian Vettel’s 2011 RB7 in an even more extreme environment.

Daniel Ricciardo (Photo: Red Bull)

Ricciardo jumped off his tractor to drive for F1 Red Bull again. On public roads, on the beach, on the bridge, in the field. Well, on the sensational Mount Panorama.

“Having completed this journey with Red Bull for the first time in San Francisco, I always wanted a similar opportunity in Australia. What better way to celebrate my first F1 event since returning to Red Bull than by taking the RB7 to the Australian outback and putting on a better show What’s in Australia?” Ricardo said after filming the adventure.

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