Video clip made for the European Football Championship

Video clip made for the European Football Championship

The Hungarian Tourism Agency, as the local sponsor of UEFA EURO 2020, is trying to present the unique atmosphere of Budapest. As part of the project, Lutfi Beggy revisited the world famous figure of George Ezra in Budapest, for which a dynamic clip was made. It features Budapest’s famous venues, vibrant diversity, and Hungarians’ passion for football.

Photo: shutterstock

“If Budapest can take part in organizing such an important event, the least it deserves is to use a video to show the world how good this city is. It was clear that the Budapest song was best suited for this purpose.

The clip also rethinks the film made for the Budapest 365 campaign. The movie Pictures received the highest rating in the Tourism Film category at the 2020 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, Golden Dolphin.

The $1 billion sports competitions are excellent for building an international image, and provide a great opportunity to promote a more relevant international image for Hungary. The organization of the European Championship sends a message to the world that Hungary is an excellent choice not only as a venue for competition, but also as a tourist destination – as stated in the statement.

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