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Video cards are already tanned, but not because of sunny April – PCW

Video cards are already tanned, but not because of sunny April – PCW

RGB LED users are complaining about a strange phenomenon.

Global warming is a serious problem, but sad facts aside, many people in Europe are now enjoying the sunshine that floods the streets and evokes June conditions, which can be used to get a nice tan before the long-awaited beach season arrives.

Meanwhile, it seems that not only can people get some extra colors now, but also video cards, as certain types seem to react to the light of RGB LEDs in a very strange way.

At least for the past few days on PC gamers' favorite hangout, the 11 million-member r/pcmasterrace Reddit forum. two mail It also appeared in which we can see the MSI Gamint Trio GeForce RTX 3080s bearing strange burn marks. At first glance, the four brown lines may appear to be a reflection of incoming sunlight, but in fact they are RGB LED memories on the back of the GPUs fingerprint.

This phenomenon may not only affect the MSI RTX 3080 card, as it is owned by Zotac I posted about a similar injury Between posts. The most likely explanation seems to be that the black coating used on the metal back of the GPUs may be sensitive to UV rays emitted by the memory modules equipped with the lighting.

This does not pose a risk to humans, but with such close proximity and constant exposure, it is possible for some coating materials to show visible image discoloration over time due to exposure to UV light. The good news is that the damage is purely cosmetic, but the extreme machine builder is of course uneasy about that fact either, since “memory browning” GPUs can spoil the carefully designed overall picture of the build, at least when turned off when not LED lights hide the infestation.

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So, if you use RGB RAM, it wouldn't hurt to check the situation there, and if you encounter something similar, be sure to write it in the comments.

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