Video: Abandoned luxury villa found full of luxury items left behind in the US

Bloggers visiting the building were moved by the scene and the family tragedy associated with the house.

An abandoned mansion of 30 thousand square meters was found in the United States, which stands in almost new condition on a huge plot of land

– writes A.N New York Post Consequently

The home has 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, but Jeremy Abbott and the BigBankz vlog team haven’t revealed where they are.

As it turned out, the abandoned estate once belonged to the family of a famous surgeon, father of four children and recreational pilot. There are many clinics in the area. The man built his $10.5 million dream home in 2006.

But during construction, his son dies in a plane crash.

The family didn’t get life insurance while in huge debts, so they left the property. According to the bloggers, they still have debts of $8 million and a monthly payment of $50,000.

But the broken family left home, leaving almost everything behind. Branded shoes, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen Beetle and Land Rover too. There was also a huge Christmas tree in the living room. Expensive furniture, televisions, branded clothes and shoes were left on the premises. The deteriorating building and garden have since been abandoned.

The blogger did not understand why the precious equipment and personal belongings were not taken with them, but in the end he sadly stated:

“After a while, I felt respect for the family who lived there and watched their dreams come down with the plane that killed their son and their future.”

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Video: The abandoned villa

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