Victor Urban and Anico Levay stopped for lunch in Rome

January 03, 2023 – 11:39 PM

On Tuesday, Viktor Orbán and Anikó Lévai had a delicious fish lunch at an elegant Romanian restaurant.

the La Republica According to his article, the Hungarian Prime Minister and his wife entered the restaurant called La Bussola in the Ostia neighborhood of the Italian capital after they gave pardon to the 16th. At the funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict. As usual, Orbán was dressed casually, according to the photos, he was wearing a blue blazer, an untidy white shirt and jeans, in one of the photos he is seen tucking the plaid tablecloth into his collar.

Mainly known for its seafood, Bussola is one of the most famous and best in the region handle Restaurant, no wonder the Prime Minister, who loves gourmet, wanted to have lunch here. The Italian newspaper writes that Orbán ate lobster prepared in the Catalan style, while Anikó Lévai ate a menu consisting of octopus salad, muscardini artichokes (also a type of octopus) and a fish dish. The owners of the restaurant greeted the Prime Minister’s wife with a bouquet of flowers. The newspaper is called Canaldiche Transfer According to Victor Urban, after the meal, he praised the chef’s recommendations, especially the appetizers of raw fish and shellfish, as well as the Catalan lobster.

The couple was accompanied by employees of the Hungarian embassy in Rome and Italian carabinieri (they are a wing of the Italian police), the table had been reserved by the embassy the day before. According to the article, owner Dario Paradisi and his son-in-law Daniele Caterini, who runs the restaurant with him, did not know that Viktor Orbán (whom La Repubblica calls “the symbol of European populism”) was coming.

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A short video was also filmed of the couple’s dining experience at the premiere, where you can watch Urban thank the restaurant employee for the food in Italian, straighten his clothes, and then say to Fan, “We also got a gift, see?”.

In addition, a video consisting of photos was posted on the restaurant’s Instagram, which also shows the food eaten:

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