Victor Orbán greeted Fabio Capello

Former football director and coach Fabio Capello was received by Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the Carmelita Monastery on Monday afternoon, Bertalan Havasi, press chief of the Prime Minister, reports MTI.

The 76-year-old Italian specialist, who has led several teams to Italian championship titles, won the Champions League with AC Milan and was Spanish champion with Real Madrid, told M4 Sport on Monday that he believes that thanks to the success of the Hungarian national team, “more and more will start Young people will play this sport, and more and more people will believe in football, so the sport can develop further.” He added that behind this success is the coach and his staff, and thanks to them, the players underwent great development.

Fabio Capello – who also has ties to Hungary, where his father was born in Himesháza in the province of Paraná – spoke about the World Cup in Qatar that ended last month, which in his opinion was exceptionally strong from a tactical point of view and the speed of the game. He added that the eastern teams are still slow compared to the highest level, but at the same time, Africa has improved, which is supported by Morocco’s performance, while Real Madrid stars Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe have already appeared in the tournament. last.

Ahead of the ceremony, 11-time Paralympic and 17-time Alpine Skiing World Champion Henrietta Farkas, who also contributed as award presenter, made a statement: She told National Sports News that it was an honor to be the guest of honor at the event. And he talked about the fact that he announced his retirement before Christmas, so now he’s able to accept the invitation, which he couldn’t do before. The visually impaired Hungarian athlete from heights revealed that it was not easy for him to make the decision to retire.

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“I’ve lived skiing for about twenty years, I did it with all my heart and soul, I really enjoyed it all, but I had the feeling that I had to move on, and I also felt in my body that it was getting tired during the preparation, the many trips and the many operations too.”

Cover photo: MTI / Prime Minister’s Press Office / Zoltán Fischer

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