Vice President Trump will soon tell all about one of the biggest scandals in recent years

Former Vice President Donald Trump was heard behind closed doors in federal district court in Washington, where he received a mandatory subpoena and had to testify under oath.

Mike Pence has been named as the key witness in the case proving Donald Trump’s responsibility during the transition events in 2021 It is being overseen by Jack Smith, a special prosecutor appointed by the current Attorney General.

Mike Pence has previously spoken publicly about his former boss in the White House,

In early January 2021, Donald Trump tried to pressure him to delay congressional approval of US President Joe Biden winning the vice presidency,

as President of the Senate. According to him, he refused, which caused a rift between him and Donald Trump.

Mike Pence previously challenged the mandatory jury subpoena, citing legal immunity applicable to him, in a court that partially granted his request, ruling that he did not have to make a statement at the hearing about his actions as Senate president. But at the same time he has to answer for the actions of Donald Trump he has to answer the questions of the jury.

On January 6, 2021, a portion of Donald Trump’s demonstrators breached the security cordon and stormed the legislative building, the Capitol, where they disrupted the legislative session in Washington.

COVER PHOTO: Former US Vice President Mike Pence prepares to speak at the Conservative Westside Club Breakfast in Urbandale, Iowa on March 29, 2023. According to observers, Pence is considering running for president for the Republican Party. MTI/AP/Charlie Neibergal

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