Vettel: Már csak a pénz beszél az F1-ben

Vettel says money is already talking in F1

With its Las Vegas debut next year, there will also be three Formula 1 races in the US, and the championship is set to expand into Africa – but the downside is that this season already features 23 races. Classic venues can drink their juice, and the Monaco venue, which so far appears to be a tangible guide in all circumstances, also fluctuates in the racing calendar.

Sebastian Vettel recently commented on this. The Aston Martin rider has said he is welcome to visit Formula 1 in new places. “It’s always exciting when we go on a new track. We haven’t been to America in years and then come back to Austin, which has great, exciting races.” “Singapore is another great example, where both the location and the course are special for something.”

“At the same time, you hope that these locations will always be a plus because you don’t want to miss the tracks you’ve been back for a long time. It would be terrible to lose some tracks, especially the main ones in Europe,” he continued, adding that with the increasing calendar, it would not be The only solution is the league.

Sebastian Vettel

However, the four-time world champion criticized the F1 venue choice because, despite the possibility of Imola returning due to the coronavirus pandemic, based on his arrival in Saudi Arabia, for example, he believes that only profit-making considerations will be taken into account in this process.

The German driver explained the topic: “There are obviously some financial interests in the new locations, after all, Formula 1 is also a bargain.” “For us, it’s more about sports, and that’s our passion. That’s why we don’t consider it a business but a sport. There are places that have some significance because of their history or their traditions. I think this discovery must be combined with our insistence on places with a large fan base” .

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I think it is unreasonable to lose Italy from the calendar, for example, for a number of reasons. Maybe they pay the cheapest, but I feel we have to stick with them.”

Vettel did not get off to a good start into the 2022 season, missing the first two races due to infection with the coronavirus, and the weekend at the Australian Grand Prix, punctuated by a technical error, a fine and two car failures, was chaotic. For him, to put it mildly. Aston Martin was the only designer left without a point after the first three races of the season.

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