Very good piastri - 'it was a two year plan'

Very good piastri – ‘it was a two year plan’

Piastre exceeded Prima’s expectations by winning the F2 Championship straight away in 2021 as a rookie. Team boss Rene Rosen said they were originally designed to work together until this year, but then had to realize that the 20-year-old pilot was a step ahead of them.

“It’s always a two-year plan, but after a few rounds we already knew it was ripe. We expected to be ahead, but maybe not fight for the championship title,” he told the official Formula 2 website.

“He got used to the car very soon, right after the first test.” And by the time we got to the end of the season, Piastre became the third driver in the series after Charles Leclerc and George Russell, who immediately managed to win it. Not to mention that he has also won a championship in the previous two years.

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“In 2021 also take another step forward on the field and in terms of confidence,” Rosen says. Piastre was essentially overwhelming in the time trial, being able to start the main race five times in a row from the first starting block.

“He never panics, he never worries, he always listens to what others tell him and tries to adapt. He has a calm personality, is technically strong and easy to get along with. In addition, he learns very quickly, is committed and wants to understand everything, ”praised The pilot team leader.

On the other hand, Piastria will have an “empty” year in 2022, as it will no longer be able to compete in Formula 2 due to the championship title, and it did not have a place in Formula 1. However, Alpine appointed him as official reserve and test pilot, so from It is very likely that he will be able to participate in some free practice this year.

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