Verstappen was unaffected by the boos from the American crowd

Max Verstappen wasn’t bothered by the boos coming from the crowd. He understands when no one sympathizes with him.

A new format of the parade, expected to be used as a display element in American racing, made its debut at the Miami Grand Prix on Sunday, with the racers called out one by one before the anthem and the starting ceremony. The reaction of the American public soon revealed which contestants were the most popular abroad. In addition to Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Pérez, who attracted many Latin Americans, received a standing ovation.

Defending champion Max Verstappen was the only one of the competitors addressed at the presentation, but he received only restrained applause – and some grunts too. Just like at the awards ceremony after he won.

Max Verstappen (Photo: XPB)

The Red Bull rider was asked about the reception at the post-race press conference, but made it clear that he was not bothered by the unsportsmanlike behaviour.

“If you were at the end of the field, no one would react in any way. Naturally, when you win, they don’t like the winner. That’s totally fine for me.”

said the two-time world champion.

“The most important thing is that I’m in the middle. I’ll take the cup and take it home and they’ll go home and have a good night.”

He managed to beat the essence, that is, the victory in Miami. For the second year in a row. He did it from ninth place, beating Perez, who was immediately welcomed by many. “Yesterday I said to myself that second place is the bottom line, because I think we should finish there with our car. But it’s always difficult to know in advance what will happen. If you have a bad lap, you make it difficult, but fortunately it didn’t go that bad and our car didn’t get damaged.” also “.

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Max Verstappen (Photo: XPB)

“The main thing is how the car performs and what it feels like inside the car, how much you can get out of it. Fortunately today things went well, that way you can go ahead and win the race.” Verstappen said.

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