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Verstappen: More and more wins won’t last forever either

Verstappen: More and more wins won’t last forever either

He’s riding the wave of success, but that won’t necessarily prolong Max Verstappen’s F1 career.

He has four straight wins and six wins this year. He leads the championship with an ever-increasing advantage, and a third world championship title is closer to him than ever. Max Verstappen is at his best and at the top right now, and with Red Bull handling the 2022 rule changes better than anyone else, it is likely they will be at the top for years to come.

However, despite the string of success, Verstappen has spoken several times in recent weeks and months about his retirement plans and the fact that he may bid farewell to the ever-increasing burden of F1 after his current contract expires in 2028. Speaking to Forbes ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, he also confirmed that he Even continued success does not guarantee its long-term stay.

“Some people like racing because it’s the only thing they do. I love racing, and I still do, but I also want to do other things sometime, not just Formula 1. Of course, I know that means the peak, the highest level that can be reached, but One also sees another point of view.” Said the Red Bull champ.

Max Verstappen (Photo: XPB)

“I’ve already won two World Cups, and if I don’t win both, I’ll keep trying. Now that I’ve done it, it’s nice to win another and another, but it’s basically the same thing. It’s not going to keep me here forever.”

Verstappen has confirmed that he does not want to miss things and face the fact that he no longer has the means to do something because he has only dedicated his best years to F1. “It’s more important if I can motivate myself every year to be there to the fullest, because the competition calendar is so long and you’re away from family and friends a lot. At some point the question arises, what’s more important: winning competitions and staying away from them, or staying in Home and have the time of your life with those closest to you, while still being fully fit, active, and able to do whatever you want?”

“If you stay, say, in F1 until the age of 40 and you look back, you probably feel like you stayed in for too long, didn’t spend enough time with those close to you. That’s a serious question for me as to how long I’m going to be in the sport.”

Verstappen explained.

Max Verstappen (Photo: XPB)

As for his plans outside of F1, he revealed: “I have a lot of plans, and a big part of the future plans are mainly about racing, but outside of Formula 1. And maybe just a little extra fun, or even opening paths for other young talents. Not necessarily towards Formula 1, towards any form of racing.”

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