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Verstappen furious, and Ferrari closed in with the Christmas driver in the lead

Verstappen furious, and Ferrari closed in with the Christmas driver in the lead

With the two red flags out, a red car took the lead in the second free practice at Monza, while the two Red Bull drivers had problems.

Lance Stroll only completed half a lap on Friday and his car stalled after the Ascari turn. Because it is In the first free practice Felipe Drugovic was driving, barely able to train. It was for this reason that the red flag came out immediately after the three-minute mark.

Ferrari was close with Verstappen in first practice at Monza

After the first laps, Alex Albon surprisingly jumped up behind Max Verstappen into second place, although he did so on the soft compounds, while most of the field started on the medium tyres.

Lewis Hamilton stopped Oscar Piastri’s momentum, but there was no message that the case would be investigated.

The battle between Ferrari and Red Bull continued, and by the middle of the session the two red cars were leading by 6 tenths of the Red Bull.

Finally, the soft tyres came out at the end and the order changed again, with the 29-year-old Sainz still leading, with good friend Lando Norris joining him at the top of the list. Although Sergio Pérez finished in the final ten minutes at Circuit de Parabolica, he finished third as Red Bull’s best driver, while Verstappen, who set his best lap, was passed by Oscar Piastri.

Leclerc finished sixth, but after that it’s hard to say in the power order, because almost every team finished tenth with one driver each.

Hamilton is only 17 closedBehind Logan Sargent. Only Liam Lawson, who completed his second race, and Juanyu Zhu and Stroll, who finished without a lap, were left behind.

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