Verstappen and Red Bull in a marathon against Mercedes

Verstappen and Red Bull in a marathon against Mercedes

The Red Bulls did not doubt the fact that they had suffered a defeat in the Grand Duchy of Portugal by Mercedes: Max Verstappen and Christian Horner also expected the World Cup to begin.

This year, Mercedes and Red Bull will be 2-1 ahead of the race winners after Lewis Hamilton beat Max Verstappen and won the Portuguese Grand Prix. According to the Dutch figure, the chip did not fit the Red Bull, and the fist and public temple were in the back, but they relied on it and found that at least one of the Mercedes could be outdone.

Hamilton Migels First-office – GalleriaForrs: Formula 1 via Getty Images / 2021 Formula One World Championship Limited / Dan Istitene – Formula 1

“Second place is also a good result and we always know the season is going to be wavy, no matter which surface we are going to be strong on,” said Mercedes but was acquired by Valtteri Bottas. Red Bull teammate Christian Horner also joined:

Looking to the future, we can see that this tournament will be a marathon, not a sprint. ““The fight is very imminent, it will be about a small advance. Max is still trampling the soul of the car, as he is second from Mercedes. The fight between Lewis is very close.”

Verstappen also said he didn’t have to hold back in the race, at first he tried to beat Bottas, but he said Hamilton was faster than both, and even before them. After the boxing was killed, the dice turned, According to Verstappen, Bottas was clearly faster than him on solid tires, but ultimately held second place.

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“We scored a lot of points here, but Mr. vrom Barcelona, ​​a beach where the sticking level is normal and I also have memories – he pointed out that in 2016 the Grand Duke of Spain won his first big victory in Plyvautsa. Teams: “The length of a season can be many events.”

Perez was relief against Norris

Verstappen did not make a mistake in the Portuguese Grand Prix, but his teammate Sergio Breeze drove a lot thanks to the fact that, unlike his direct opponents, he changed many wheels and light tires. At that time, the actual number was very high, because Lando Norris was stuck at the start of the race.

By the time Norris Breeze allowed himself to return, it was Mister ks-GalriaForrs: Formula 1 via Getty Images / 2021 Formula One World Championship Limited / Dan Istitene – Formula 1

“Landau left in turn 4, but I thought he left the chip with all the Angie wheels, so I didn’t even fight because I thought he had to put back the place, but that didn’t happen. I miscalculated the situation, it was a mistake, it took too much time Our race to get stuck in the Lando mg is ruined, “he admitted.

“Then we tried to go the other way with the strategy, in the long run we were hoping it was a safe car, but it didn’t come, so fourth place was the best we could get. We are definitely moving with the car settings and the race pace, with the extra kilometers that I know her better and better, of course there is a lot of room for improvement. “

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“We’ll work hard on jv htvgn in Barcelona as well. Once again, the fight with Mercedes was very close, and I think that will be the case throughout the season. Some heaters will be faster, sometimes we’ll have to keep working hard with our heads down.”

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