Veronica Mitico prepares for the Olympic qualifiers

Veronica Mitico prepares for the Olympic qualifiers

The weightlifters of the Békéscsaba were saved in the Savaria Cup in March, because in which class a competitor from Csaba started, there was a victory in the corner of the storm. Veronica Mitiko, the preeminent talent in the Domestic Confederation, is currently preparing for the European Championship in Russia, which will take place next month.

As previously reported, the year has started really well for Bukiscapa weightlifters, such as Janus Bukvie All of its competitors won the Safaria Cup in Szombathely. Cassandra in Garampholje She won in the 45 kg category in the teenage competition 3 national championships, while in the 71 kg category among young women Frozina Gorsky Prevail. Boys also stored. Garamvölgyi Agamemnon He won in the 61 kg category in the youth competition.

– We have traveled a lot for this special race. Unfortunately I did not do well, but I won. Breaking up, I gained 67 lbs from my first hunt, as it messed up my other path. In thrust, I gained 90 pounds from my second catch, “assesses young Agamemnon.

Among adults Ádám Balázs Who started the sport in the local association since 2009. The best weightlifter so far was fourth at the national level, but now in March he was in the Safaria Cup, where he won 102 kg with a break of 105 kg and 142 kg.

“The Safaria Cup was very good, but I still feel a little weak. I achieved more in my training than I did in this race, maybe due to the fact that we had a few races because of the virus and I was not in my head. However, it worked perfectly. Good… since he is # 1 I am happy for him, but I would like to lift more weights in the near future – said ádám Balázs.

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Legend by Veronica It was his last test of strength ahead of the European Championships in Russia in April. The 20-year-old athlete was not idle, confidently winning in the individual weight category 71 kg, breaking 93 kg and 105 kg.

– We are in the last month of preparation. I will travel in the fifth and race in the seventh. There will be hard training as before, with the difference he also brought at Tata Boot Camp. I started from £ 71 again at the European Championships so my number one goal is to lose 2 pounds since I now train at 73 pounds. Another goal is to lift 2 to 3 pounds more in both breaks and push-ups. I start at 71kg because I can get points in the qualifying system over 76kg – said competitor Janus Bukvie.

In addition to the European Adult Championships, Veronica Mitico will start the World Junior Championships, which she missed last year due to the pandemic. Although he was no longer young, “elderly” competitors were invited in the meantime because they were unable to participate in the competition without any error on their part. Both competitions are part of the Tokyo Olympic Games qualifiers.

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