Venue: Robotic-assisted removal of kidney stones – Debrecen University Clinical Center Part II

of broadcast content on March 1.

For the first time in Hungary, robot-assisted kidney stone removal was performed in the Urology Clinic of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center using a procedure developed in France by the ILY robot. With this robot-assisted technology, surgery can be performed accurately and safely even in the most difficult and complex cases. In Debrecen, an average of 300-350 surgeries are performed to remove kidney stones every year, among which are the simplest blasting of kidney stones and the most complex interventions. The Hely program staff was granted permission to register in the operating room of the urology clinic in Debrecen and report on the latest procedures. On Wednesday’s programme, it will be revealed that fellow presenter Rudolf Burkert did not pass out because the process was fun. Part two on March 1st.

Venue – Kossuth Rádió – Wednesday, March 1, 11:07 am

Host: Peter Germaty

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