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Venue: Premontre Monastery in Ganusheda

Venue: Premontre Monastery in Ganusheda

From the content of the July 20 broadcast.

Long ruined in the Yanoshida church quarter, the former Premontre Monastery, referred to in the village only as the castle, is in an increasingly sad state. But his past is impressive. The Proletariat was established in 1186, Premontreans supposedly moved here from Várad, at least this is indicated by the fragmentary fresco of Saint Laszlo in the church. The 19th century monastery was built by the rector of Csorna between 1816-1919, in the late classical Baroque style. After the regime was abolished, from the 1950s, apartments were built in it, but there was also a nursing home, a day-care center and thousands more. Today, thanks to the grants of bidding, the town hall has been renovated, where unexpected values ​​were also found during the renovation, as well as in the church, which has been transformed into the oldest medieval church on the Great Plain showing French influences. You will also learn how to remove the wall panel and roll it up like a carpet so that it can be renewed later (if you have the money). Today, they have begun to occupy the monastery building which serves community purposes.

Venue – Kossuth Rádió – Thursday, July 20, 11:05 a.m

Editor: Maria Wagner
Host: Rudolf Burkert

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