Velvet – Life – Christmas Warm Record

A century-old warm record is expected in the Australian city of Perth at Christmas. Locals prepare to bathe in the sweltering temperatures.

As you know, when winter comes to us, people in Australia prepare for summer. The first month of the season is December, but even the extreme temperatures that were usual at the time are exceeding expectations for this Christmas.

Although higher fluctuations occur, the average temperature in Australia in December ranges from 25 to 26 degrees Celsius.

In Western Australia’s capital, Perth, they predicted another 34 degrees on Christmas Eve a week or two ago, but forecasts have since changed: People will have to decorate their palms by 42 degrees. These temperatures were measured on the continent on December 24, 1968, but the record is likely to be broken this year. In this case, the hottest Christmas is waiting for the locals – write it a Hey ho next article.

The weekend after Christmas is also expected to be cooler in the region, with a temperature of 40.2 degrees during last year’s holiday.

Residents of the Australian capital, Sydney, on the other hand, although it rains, they have much milder weather, with a temperature of 29 degrees.

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