Velvet - Jomcockor - Gigi Hadid on the cover of Vogue as a pregnant mother

Velvet – Jomcockor – Gigi Hadid on the cover of Vogue as a pregnant mother

Gigi Hadid gave an interview to US Vogue about motherhood, self-discovery, and life after modeling. Here is the cover of the original article It is found here – With all the model photos.

Photo: Vogue USA via Bestimage / Northfoto

The interview reveals that the 25-year-old Hadid spends very good time on his mother’s partner’s farm in Pennsylvania and plans to raise Zayn Malik’s daughter Khai, born in such an environment as well.

She even talked about her daughter, worked with her for fourteen hours, and definitely wanted to give birth at home, without anesthesia. Her mother, Bella’s sister, Malik, the midwife and her assistant were by her side – due to epidemiological regulations, she was wondering how she could get into the maternity ward of the hospital and it was clear that she could not work in such a company, and then they watched the movie birth support at home with her lover. They brought a large inflatable pool to the chosen room, confiscated the cats and dog, watched a movie, and finally argued that they wouldn’t do it for a while now.

The nurse was not asked, the model took care of the baby herself, and if she needed help, either for work or for work, the grandparents would introduce themselves. And about his career, he said, he knows that his current physique is not in his top slump, but whoever is responsible for it can definitely get it.

He also made a video for the magazine about the cosmetics he uses, hence the cover and cover photo.

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