Velvet - Gum Sugar - Kristen Stewart on her Oscar nomination: "Le se sz * rom"

Velvet – Gum Sugar – Kristen Stewart on her Oscar nomination: “Le se sz * rom”

The Spencer His star voiced an official response last November: Let it be cold whether or not he will be nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal in the biopic of Princess Diana. What would God give if the work was not under the Best Picture category nominee, and Stewart’s name is among the chances for a Best Actress award.

It does not work. Oscars are funny. There are so many great movies and shows that you hardly ever watch. It definitely reveals something about where we are for sure, that is, what we look at and care about

Kristen Stewart said earlier in the usual honesty on Variety’s Award Circuit podcast.

However, the actress is naturally interested in how Spencer receives the audience and the profession. As he also said, he’s glad the movie has become a talking point.

I really appreciate that something you shared started such a huge conversation. We don’t make movies so we don’t communicate. It must have a residual resonance. It’s good that people talk about it that much

The actress, who previously told Entertainment Weekly about the role, commented:

Diana was a strange mixture of things that seemed out of place. Perhaps the strength that he took with him everywhere had annoyed people who yearned for some kind of gentle and calm personality. He was touchable, kind-hearted, fragile, in need of calm and medicine.


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