Velvet – Check-out Great Britain is the birthplace of football, but other sports also have their roots

If there is ever a place where football can be said to be king, it is England. Few people know that we owe a lot of team matches to the British, whose hearts beat for these sports at least as much as for vulgar football.

Let’s start with the obvious: Great Britain is the birthplace of football.

No other sport comes close to the popularity of this one in Europe, but don’t underestimate the Brits, they are by no means one-sided when it comes to sports.


Although football is toodomestic productThe real national sport of the United Kingdom is cricket, which also originated from here, but won the hearts of the local population already when football did not even exist at the level of thought. Later racquetball became popular in the British colonies, and in India today even more Sports watching so far.


There is another sport that can be placed in third place on the fantasy platform of popularity ranking. This game was also born in Great Britain, and its name is none other than rugby. In the eyes of many Englishmen, rugby players are the embodiment of archaic masculinity, and, by the way, American football, which is popular abroad, developed from the further thinking of this sport in the 19th century.

(Cover photo: The England soccer team at Qatar Stadium. Photo: Stephen Nadler/ISI Photos/Getty)

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