Velvet – check out – baby kangaroos thrown from purses are raised in Tiszaderzsen

Many special species of kangaroos are home to the settlement on the shores of Lake Tisza, Tiszaderzsen. Recently, ten female Bennett’s kangaroos also gave birth in Kangaroo Park, which mainly represents wildlife in Australia, but workers found two baby specimens lying on the road in the past few days.

Two kangaroos, about four months old, were found dumped on a road in Tiszaderz Kangaroo Park by the zookeepers after a big storm a few days ago. The cubs may have been thrown out of their bags by their mothers as a natural defensive reaction to fear the storm. Since female animals in such cases would no longer accept the cubs back, their caretakers had to act immediately.

Kangaroos usually leave the pouch at the age of 8 months, so the first task for the caretakers was to create an artificial enclave where the animals could feel safe and grow at the right temperature.

Thanks to artificial care, young animals now develop better and sometimes leave the artificial enclave to explore the world. Their caretakers feed them kitten formula, which they initially eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours, but now only every 4 hours, and they also start eating solid food.

(Cover photo: Kangaroo Kids. Photo: Kangaroo Park)

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