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Velvet – Celeb – There is a big problem in the operetta scene: this is why Miklós Máté Kerényi left

Velvet – Celeb – There is a big problem in the operetta scene: this is why Miklós Máté Kerényi left

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Henriette's door

The former star of the series Bestiak, Honey or Papp Henriett became a mother at the age of almost 50. The former singer currently lives in Germany, where she works as a successful beautician.

“I was almost 50, so my husband and I agreed that this was our last chance. Then weeks later I went for my first ultrasound… and we heard the fetal heartbeat. The most beautiful music we had ever heard. We didn’t even want to,” Bab A said. “In believing that our little boy will be born soon.” a surprise magazine.

In the end, their baby was born three months early, so the little one spent months in an incubator. The parents were very worried about little Mathias, but in the end everything turned out happily: “The day we were finally able to bring him home from the hospital was a real celebration of joy.”

Tina Turner Memorial Concert

In addition to Gabe Toth — who replaced Andy Toth in the lead role — several local celebrities will also perform at the Tina Turner Memorial Concert in March. Tunde Keszel reported that her daughter, Donatella Hunyadi, and her dance partner, Dennis Body, will also be seen in the show. Linda Kiraly recently announced on her Instagram story, which can be viewed for a day, that she will also be performing in concert. In addition to him, there will also be: Attila Arba, Tamás Vereb, Ildiko Kyreszcz, Rita Poljak, Adrian Fehr and Erox Martini. eyelash.

Matej Miklós Kereni

According to an insider, Matej Miklos Kereni's unexpected departure from the operetta stage is only the tip of the iceberg: in fact, the company is collapsing, according to insiders. eyelash. Earlier, Velvet also reported that Kerényi was leaving Operetta, but did not want to explain the exact reason behind her decision in her long post.

I don't want to talk about the reasons for my decisions

the actor previously wrote.

However, the informant reported that the atmosphere in the company had changed recently. There is a bad atmosphere in the establishment, and a lot of people have come in with sad faces and stomach cramps recently.

“The colleagues Matty has worked with continuously over the years line up. We are very sorry to see him go, but we understand his decision.”

Another colleague also spoke to the newspaper. It is believed that it was also an unpleasant surprise for Matej Miklós Kyerini, as following the departure of Peter Sandor he was unable to take up his role in the team. Stephen, in King'sBut 53-year-old Zsolt Homonnay took the title role instead.

According to information from Blikk, Kerényi is not the only one leaving Operettsznház: actress Flóra Széles is also leaving the institution, László Maclary is also the former chief music director of the theatre, and more resignations are expected.

(Cover image: Máté Miklós Kerényi. Photo: Zsolt Zih/MTI)

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