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Veca Janicsák and Ági Szabados put men to shame at Starbucks, and this is the end result

Veca Janicsák and Ági Szabados put men to shame at Starbucks, and this is the end result

We have two bouts at the men’s middleweight and one at the women’s lightweight star box In its fourth broadcast. This is also the final quarter-final, followed by two semi-finals and then a super final to finally determine the winner in each category.

Shouldn’t the sun rise tomorrow if you get hit today? – With this very legitimate question, Vika Janicak approached the night with confidence, while Aji Szabados, who describes himself as a very extreme personality, watched every previous match – According to him, you can learn from every match, and he and his coach also found it important to get used to the studio, environment and atmosphere.

Aggie – whose gown is elegantly decorated with literary text – has danced competitively for ten years, so her stamina is good, but she donned boxing gloves for the first time in her life when she was asked to appear on the show. According to his coach, he started training with an intensity that would put men to shame.

As for Vika, he played competitive volleyball and tried martial arts, but boxing was new to him as well. The singer believes that women naturally have a greater fighting spirit, tolerate more pain, and are more stubborn. Since he loves Aggie so much, he finds it hard to imagine that he will make him angry during the match, but he is sure that he is fully prepared.

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Night of surprises

Janicsák’s Veca started so dynamically that Ági Szabados’ helmet had to be adjusted within seconds. According to Coco, Vika attacks very well, describing his punches as particularly brutal.

His momentum – and Fika’s fighting spirit – did not diminish in the second round either. He moves forward like a bull – Kokó described Veca Janicsák’s playing style, but also praised his straight right and left strokes.

After the end of the first half, Cocu believes that this situation will be key in determining the final result. Veca Janicsák is hard to stop – Commenters note. We would like to point out in parentheses here that Vika did not sit during the break, but rather stood the entire time waiting for the continuation.

In the final round, Aji Zabados also continues – however, according to Coco, it is not the power of the blows that dominates, but the numbers. The scoring judges decided that Janicak Vika was the winner of the match, so he would be the one who could compete in the next round as well. We are not professional boxers, but we did our best – Vika explained after his win that he was just interested in having a good time tonight. It is noteworthy that the second competitor of the evening won, who was much lower than his competitor in the sympathy vote, and the viewers expected him to lose.

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