Vanda Schumacher: For me, going to Paris or London is like going to Szeged or Debrecen

He claims that three days is enough for him to travel around Europe, because he knows the airports with his eyes closed.

Wanda Schumacher has become The real world announcer Betty Puskas on the side. Until now, he has traveled a lot, which he usually writes on his social media page. to the nlc question They betrayed himbecause now it replaces this kind of pastime.

For me, going to Paris or, say, London is like going to Szeged or Debrecen. In fact, I’m hosting the show for three days, and then Betty is hosting it for three days, and I’m going to be traveling all over Europe during that time, because I know the airports by heart. And the ride usually doesn’t take more than two hours, so I’m not going now because I can’t, but because it’s important now more than anything else to catch up with the running of the show.

In the interview with the newspaper, the type of program he would like to host was also discussed. He thinks so x factor The most important Hungarian media and why With David Miller They also have a good relationship – the teacher and the Margaret Hotel They worked together on the series – so that there would be harmony between them.

I will be very happy if we can drive together as a boy-girl pair. But even then, of course, there is still a lot of water flowing through the Danube. In addition, I would very much like to shoot again as an actor

– said Vanda Schumacher.

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