Valve showed me the packaging and box for Steam Deck

Valve showed me the packaging and box for Steam Deck

Valve images showed off the latest upgraded Steam Deck, as well as the device’s cool but minimalist packaging and box. The company behind Steam Deck indicated in a recent blog post that the just-released Steam Deck is the final prototype, and only “minor changes” will be made to it.

The packaging of the final prototype also became different from its predecessor. Customers will receive the laptop in the just released package. The box shows good instructions not to use it as an umbrella and magnet(?) and not to throw it on the ground. The inside of the box has several black inscriptions that all tell you in different languages ​​where and in what life situations we can use the Steam Deck. For example, in the test room (is that the situation of life, right?), on a ferris wheel (of course!), in a submarine, while waiting (this looks less like life), in a shop (and this one), on a throne ( But which one?), or on the ship. or on a plane. or by train. Or in Zoomos online tutorials… well, that’s not what the packaging says, but we can play Steam Deck on the moon.

In the pictures you can see the simple and practical black carrying case for Steam Deck. Furthermore, Valve said that developers will soon have the latest developer kit. The company announced in early November that Steam Deck will be delayed, so the first delivery phase will begin in February 2022. Of course, the reservation order will not change, the stages will only be delayed by two months. Valve recently clarified that Steam Deck will not have exclusive titles. Yesterday, Qualcomm and Razer announced that they are also making a portable console. It is true that the purpose of their hardware is completely different from that of Steam Deck.

Source: American IGN And valve

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