Valtteri Bottas has admitted his mistake


Monday May 9, 2022, 12:06 pm


Although a fifth place was available, Valtteri Bottas finished the race in Miami in seventh place after a mistake. The Finn driver has revealed that he is upset with the Mercedes battle.

Despite breaking his Alfa Romeo on Friday, Valtteri Bottas did well on Saturday, qualifying for fifth in Sunday’s race. At the end of the Miami Grand Prix, the routine rider still had a chance to hold his starting position, but missed one of the braking distances in the final stage of the race, so he fell back two places.

The Finn was not at all disappointed with the result, but he knew he could have achieved more, but with ten laps to go, he was confused by the duel between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

“Somehow I followed them in the mirrors and then they got close enough, so I watched if I had to close the door or something. I braked a little bit and in the corner I veered a little off the perfect curve and got onto the dirty asphalt. I was embarrassed because I was driving so slow, and I didn’t The car is understood and hit the wall, but luckily nothing broke and I didn’t get a puncture,” Bottas was quoted by

The 32-year-old pilot regrets all this, feeling he could have finished fifth without error, but is also optimistic about his pace.

“I think we could have been fifth today without the Safety Car, so we are strong. We made some good points that will be very important for the league and showed that we can fight on an equal footing with everyone in midfield. Bottas concluded: “Everything is so close, it will be important to stay ahead of this battle.”

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