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Valkyrie Elysium: The return of the Valkyrie Profile franchise! [VIDEO]


During the state of play, several announcements were received from Square Ennis (Forspoken also played the broadcast, for example). It’s a huge surprise that another work from the Valkyrie Profile series comes from a world inspired by northern myths…

The Valkyrie will be an Elysium Action-RPG, but it cuts the rounds of combat. Instead, it would be useful to prepare for the hack’n’slash type, which we can see in the video. So Square Enix is ​​trying Devil May Cry. Epic story, beautiful environments – these are also the hallmarks of the game, which combines strategy, action and a unique combo system. So the Japanese company is also trying to test our reaction time and the way we think.

In the past, the game takes place as Ragnarok (equivalent to the apocalypse in northern mythology) approaches. The father of everything summons a Valkyrie (Valkyrie) who may save the world is doomed. There will be many challenges in the devastated areas and he will discover the truth behind the impending destruction. So you will ask the question, What do you think of the irrational world, and what end would you choose for it?

Valkyrie Elysium was also derived from the elements of the Valkyrie series. An example is Einherjar. These are hired warriors who can join the battlefields if we summon them to our side. The visuals aren’t bad either, and Square Enix described the game as a stunning art design that they thought was able to put the spirit of the series to work in an exciting and modern way.

The PlayStation 5 runs 4K in 4K and let’s not forget the music. Sakuraba Motoi, creator of the series, is back, and the Japanese publisher says RPGs are always better when we hear a bang in the background, and Square Enix says there’ll be music on our ears that we’ll hear in the game. we will see.

Valkyrie Elysium will be released sometime this year for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. The past meets the present, which is not bad in the form of an idea. more practical Early to comment.

source: WCCFTech

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