Valheim gets a bunch of new difficulty levels

Iron Gate Studios works hard to make Valheim the perfect experience for everyone. Viking survival sandbox will soon be available on six different difficulty levels.

Is Valheim so difficult? Isn’t it challenging enough? Would you like to build in it? Or are you more interested in staying hardcore? Whatever your answer to the questions, one thing’s for sure: the gang at Iron Gate Studios are making sure all the Viking heroes’ needs are met in Valheim’s next big update. The upcoming update (which doesn’t have a date yet) won’t bring as much new content as the Mistlands update, but in return, you can customize the game’s difficulty to six different difficulty levels – from peaceful creative mode to brutal hardcore.

normal mode: Normal mode will provide a friendlier experience on all fronts. Monsters only attack us if we provoke them, they don’t attack our base, there are more raw materials in the wild, and our skills and tools are not lost when we die.

hammer mode: This is Valheim’s creative path. We can build anything freely without raw materials, monsters only attack when provoked, and raids don’t reach our bases.

stereo mode: Game mode where it will not be difficult for us to lose. In stereo mode, there is no map, but we can’t even use portals.

easy mode: Traditional rules at a simpler level. The battle will be easier, and there will be fewer monster raids on our base.

A difficult situation: Reverse easy mode. More raids, tougher battles, more challenges.

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Hardcore mode: Here you have to completely fasten your pants! In Hardcore mode, the battle will be tougher, attackers will come to our base more often, and just like in Immersive mode, we won’t have a map or portals here. Oh, and when we die, our entire toolbox and all of our skill points are lost. Forever.

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