Vaccine: AstraZeneca is accelerating vaccine production and bringing more to Europe

Vaccine: AstraZeneca is accelerating vaccine production and bringing more to Europe

In order to help meet disease control needs in Europe as soon as possible, AstraZeneca and the German vaccine company IDT Biologika are examining the possibility of:

Accelerating AstraZeneca Coronavirus Vaccine Production in the Second Quarter of 2021.

AstraZeneca and IDT Biologika aim to improve vaccine production capacity in Europe through a joint investment that will enable the production of another effective pharmaceutical ingredient in the future. The companies plan to expand the capacity of the IDT Biologika production facility in Dessau, Germany, by building five 2,000-liter bioreactors that produce tens of millions of doses of AstraZeneca vaccine per month. Details of the agreement are being finalized, and the new assets are expected to be fully operational by the end of 2022, the statement said.

The investment will also allow production of other vaccines using a similar process, which will significantly increase vaccine production capacity in Europe. Thus IDT Biologika will have the largest volume of vector-type vaccine production on the continent, and thus play an important role in securing Europe’s future supplies.

“We are proud that AstraZeneca has chosen us as a strategic partner in the production of vaccines. We can thank the German Ministry of Health for its support for this cooperation, which is a wonderful day for Germany and Europe,” said Juergen Bitzing, President and CEO of IDT Biology.

“This agreement will greatly help Europe build an independent vaccine production capacity and create a strategic supply capacity for the future. We are pleased to work with our partner, IDT Biology, to invest in the future health, safety and well-being of millions of citizens across Europe,” said Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca. To thank the German Federal Government and the European Commission for their support to our efforts. “

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