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In the state of New South Wales, Australia, restrictions imposed in the summer have been relaxed a lot, with 70 per cent of the population over the age of 16 already vaccinated against both coronaviruses – BBC writes.

Satisfaction affects Sydney and its suburbs, and It only applies to those who have already been vaccinated. Strict measures were taken for 106 days. Under the relaxation, stores, restaurants, gyms, cinemas, zoos and museums will also reopen from Monday, while distance rules must still be followed. In addition, infected people may travel more than five kilometers from their place of residence, but may not go to areas with lower immunization coverage.

It is planned that further relaxation will be possible after vaccination levels of 80 and 90 percent are reached, respectively. Authorities have indicated that Australians living abroad can return to Sydney next month after the country’s borders reopen.

However, people are already quite happy: Restaurants were already full on Monday, with long queues writhing in front of the hairdressers. Of course, this is also very good news for service providers. Other major cities and regions will soon follow Sydney’s example: Canberra plans to ease restrictions from Friday, while Melbourne is expected to open in late October.

Australia has previously pursued a kind of “Eradication of Covid” strategy (and this is still the goal in some states). However, the rapid diffusion of the delta variable The country has been forced to focus more on vaccination effortsTo move to “live with the virus” over time.

However, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory remained “virus-free” after closing their borders to affected countries.

Source: BBC / Outlook

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