Vaccination may be mandatory for government employees in America

Mandatory vaccination of federal employees and contracted subcontractors may be ordered by the President of the United States and will be announced on Thursday – CNN . writes Citing white local sources. According to the information, those who do not vaccinate themselves may be required to undergo regular tests and other stricter rules. In addition to the new rules for federal government workers, other steps are expected to encourage residents to take vaccinations, as the delta variant is spreading rapidly across the country. Early Tuesday, Biden hinted at what to expect. “That’s what we think,” he replied when asked about mandatory vaccinations for federal employees.

Joe Biden in last week’s announcement.

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images via AFP

The exact details of the prescription are not yet known, but according to CNN information, government employees must certify that they have had the vaccine or officially indicate that they have participated in the repeat test.

“If those who have not yet been vaccinated were vaccinated, we would live in a completely different world. There is still an epidemic because of them, and it is causing huge chaos. In addition, the more we know about the delta variant, the more worrying the picture. But the only thing we know on the face of it is The certainty is that if hundreds of millions of people who haven’t yet been vaccinated, everything would be different,” the president told the press on Tuesday.

Biden, despite being in power, does not yet prescribe compulsory vaccination in the military. In conjunction with the announcement expected on Thursday, steps will be taken that will give other employers the opportunity to require their employees to take vaccinations.

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