Vaccination and anti-vaccination workers also took to the streets

Vaccination and anti-vaccination workers also took to the streets

Thousands have taken to the streets in the Austrian capital against a plan to introduce compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus. “The government must resign,” protesters chanted at a regular demonstration Saturday evening in Vienna’s Old Town.

The Austrian government announced its fourth national quarantine in November, announcing that for the first time in the European Union, He wants to make vaccination mandatory for everyone. Parliament is expected to vote on the proposal next week.

in Hamburg, northern Germany More than a thousand took part in the movement against virus deniers and conspiracy theorists With the slogan “Solidarity and Enlightenment” rather than conspiracy theories. The movement was originally organized against a demonstration by anti-vaccine workers, in which at least fifteen thousand participants were expected. However, on Thursday police banned the demonstration due to the risk of infection posed by the omicron variant.

Several demonstrations took place in Hamburg on Saturday, among others, to protest the government’s health policy on the Covid-19 pandemic. Thousands in Rome also protested the government’s epidemiological policy. “People are angry,” a speaker stressed in front of a protester gathered in Saint John’s Square in Lateran, according to press reports.

Mario Draghi’s government recently tightened quarantine rules and introduced, among other things, compulsory vaccination for those over 50. Several cities in France protested the new vaccination certificate on Saturday. Several rallies were held in Paris, one of which was opposite the Eiffel Tower. Opponents of the measure took to the streets in Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux and Marseille.

People on the front page march in Hamburg on January 15, 2022, to demand solidarity and reject a demonstration against conspiracy theories and measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic. The authorities banned protests against the planned epidemiological measures. Photo: MTI/EPA/Focke Strangmann.

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