How To Utilize LinkedIn To Gain Employment

logo-linkedinGetting the Career Position of Your Dreams with LinkedIn

The job market and the way that people search for career’s have dramatically changed as society has embraced technological modernization. Most people welcome this change; however those who fail to utilize social networking platforms that have emerged from modernization can become lost and left behind, this can be devastating when attempting to procure gainful employment.

Developing an Online Portfolio

In order to get noticed within a virtual world, you must have an online portfolio that is capable of presenting a positive online image. LinkedIn makes this easy; you can highlight key points of your academic and professional career. By doing so, prospective employers will be able to gain a sense of who you are, what your capabilities are and what you can do for their company, all within a simple glance. A LinkedIn Portfolio can be a first glance into your visible online resume when used effectively.

Utilizing LinkedIn to Increase Professional Networking

Everyone knows, that at times it’s not so much what you know as it is who you know. LinkedIn has been known to increase a person’s professional reach through multiple online contacts. Having this constant networking portal available can provide you with quality leads and increased opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been available. There are several productive ways to achieve multiple networking contacts that will provide you with career opportunities while using LinkedIn to locate your next dream job.

1. Consistent Interaction

2. Drawing in Recruiters

3. Gaining a Productive online Presence

4. Showing Off Your Talents

5. LinkedIn is a Numbers Game

6. Send Out Linked Request

7. Save Time When Applying With LinkedIn

Consistent Interaction is proven by how you interact on LinkedIn and shows the professional world what type of person you are. Other like-minded individuals will gravity towards you if you can show them that you can possibly be their answer one day. Prove your determination and gain other users that can become a networking contact by checking in each day, share a handy article you stumbled across on career advancement, motivation strategies or success achievement tools. This will make you a valuable contact, which in turn will provide you with multiple contacts.

Drawing in Recruiters is a piece of cake with a little keyword optimization; turn your summary into a keyword rich magnet for recruiters. Let recruiters come to you when they search for specific terms while trying to locate potential job search candidates.

Gaining a Productive Online Presence is a key element of LinkedIn. By actively using LinkedIn, your portfolio will remain fresh and will be prevented from stalling and becoming stagnate.

Showing Off Your Talents is easily achieved while using LinkedIn, your online portfolio can highlight professional talents and skills when designed correctly.

LinkedIn is a Numbers Game LinkedIn requires you make as many connections as possible. The more connections you have the more people want to connect with you. You are a brand  and social media allows you to sale a product. That product can be a positive attitude, a service, a skill, sexuality you decide.

Send Out LinkedIn Request via all of your email accounts. They are a little annoying however we are in a society where everyone wants to build their following and connect  Most professionals will connect with, thus increasing your network and theirs.

Save Time When Applying with LinkedIn – Don’t be lazy when creating your profile include your task under each position in detail. Many applications now have a LinkedIn option to populate your job application. The right LinkedIn portfolio can make the difference between gaining that dream job and remaining unemployed.


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